Call, Inc.

Please note: does not ship.  Buyer's may make arrangements with a carrier of their choice to package and ship on the buyer's behalf.  The buyer will be responsible for all costs associated with packaging and shipping, and items must be removed by the carrier within removal terms of the auction.

Thank you for understanding.
Notice:  Miedema Companies is not responsible for the actions of the provided list of  shippers, riggers, haulers; we are only providing this list for your convenience.  

  • You are not limited to using these companies; however any company you choose must present Certificate of Insurance for a minimum $1,000,000 blanket liability listing Miedema Auctioneering Inc., Inc., Inc.  as additionally insured.  

  • Riggers & Haulers on this list do NOT work for Miedema Companies. They are independent contractors that have requested to be listed and have provided us with the required insurance limits.

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